Public Safety

This topic covers incidents of crimes committed by illegal aliens while in the U.S. Often these events could have been prevented by the deportation of the alien at an earlier stage, combined with stronger security at the southern border.

Colorado sanctuary policies enable suspect to skip trial for sexual assault on a child
March 10, 2020

Authorities in Boulder County, Colorado ignored an ICE detainer for a suspect who had been arrested for sexual assault on a child. This accords with sanctuary law in Colorado. On the day of the trial, the suspect didn't show up - now they are searching for him.

Pleaded guilty to buying an AK-47 while under felony indictment, facing deportation
March 7, 2020

A man held in federal custody under an ICE detainer pleaded guilty in a U.S. District Court in Texas for possession of a weapon while under felony indictment. He had bought an assault rifle after being indicted on five serious accusations, including murder.

ICE works with state probation and parole officers in North Carolina
March 4, 2020

A report on the arrest of illegal aliens in North Carolina reveals that NC state probation and parole officers cooperate with ICE. This helps compensate for refusals by sheriffs in North Carolinian cities to transfer alien criminals to ICE.

The case of Alejandro Monge-Reyes in Montgomery County, Texas
January 30, 2020

A native of El Salvador who had previously been deported was stopped on a speeding violation, leading to a wild chase. This occurred in Montgomery County, Texas. His wife tried to prevent his capture by attempting to crash her car into the pursuing vehicle.

Anger and Devastation in Multnomah County, Oregon
January 29, 2020

An illegal alien was arrested for fatal hit-and-run in Multnomah County, Oregon, which is a sanctuary jurisdiction. He was later apprehended by ICE, which intends to deport him. An ICE spokesperson explains procedures when dealing with a sanctuary jurisdiction.

The case of Jose O. Vasquez-Guillen in St. Paul, Minnesota
January 22, 2020

Jose O. Vasquez-Guillen, a 20 year old native of El Salvador, has been deported to his home country after causing a fatal car crash in St. Paul, Minnesota, while driving intoxicated. He had entered the U.S. illegally at age 15, unaccompanied.

Illegal immigrant charged with hit-and-run in a fatal accident in Fort Bend County, Texas
January 19, 2020

An illegal immigrant has been charged with hit and run in a fatal accident involving an elderly woman pedestrian in Fort Bend County, Texas. An ICE detainer was placed on the driver, who was discovered about 12 miles from the scene in Houston.

Charlotte police ignored two ICE detainers on Honduran charged with kidnapping
January 11, 2020

A Honduran was deported in 2006, then illegally re-entered the country. He was arrested twice by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for incidents with an ex-girlfriend. The CMPD ignored two ICE detainers. The Honduran has been charged with kidnapping.

The case of Javier Lorenzano-Fercano in Putnam County, NY
January 9, 2020

An illegal alien who was being held in the Putnam County jail for fleeing the scene of a fatal accident was released without bail, thanks to new criminal justice reforms in New York State. He was arrested by ICE officials upon his release, on an immigration detainer.

The case of Jorge Flores-Villalba in Rockland County, New York
January 5, 2020

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations recently arrested an illegal alien in Rockland County, NY, who was released without bail after a car he was driving, without a license, struck and killed a pedestrian and he fled the scene. His release was due to bail reform in New York State.

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