Illegal Immigration & Terrorism

This topic investigates how lack of control over the nation's borders and the granting of forms of identification threatens U.S. homeland security.

NY county clerks will request delay of "Green Light Law" implementation
December 13, 2019

NY county clerks plan to request delay of "Green Light Law" implementation until October 1, when the federal REAL ID Act takes effect. This will prevent illegal aliens from using New York State driver's license in order to board a domestic flight.

Three ways in which New York State's "Green Light Law" weakens homeland security
November 21, 2019

After New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed that "Green Light Law", giving illegal aliens a right to acquire a driver's license, New York's Republican Congressional delegation sent a letter to the Department of Justice explaining how the law would weaken homeland security.

Five links demonstrating that Ilhan Omar is a terrorist sympathizer
July 18, 2019

A collection of links which when put together make a strong case demonstrating that Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, U.S. Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district, sympathizes with Islamist terrorist organizations.