Human Smuggling and Trafficking

The roles played by criminal individuals or organized groups in cross-border human smuggling and human trafficking activities.

Three cases of child smuggling in Laredo, Texas
January 10, 2020

Three people in their twenties have entered guilty pleas in separate cases involving the cross-border smuggling of children. All three incidents occurred in October 2019 in Laredo, Texas. In two of the three cases the smuggler was from Indianapolis.

Alien smuggling within the U.S. is being organized via social media ads
December 7, 2019

Alien smuggling within the U.S. is being organized via social media ads. ICE Homeland Security Investigations is trying to identify those responsible for the online recruitment efforts. Meanwhile, those who answer the ads face severe penalties if they are caught.

Smuggler faces life sentence after illegal drowns in Rio Grande in Laredo
December 5, 2019

A smuggler from Guatemala faces a life sentence after an illegal immigrant drowned in the Rio Grande in Laredo, Texas. The incident came to the attention of U.S. Border Patrol when they interviewed eye-witnesses who stated that the smuggler saw the man drowning and refused to help.

Cross-border cooperation against human and narcotics smugglers near Nogales
December 4, 2019

Operating out of Nogales, Arizona, the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol participated in a four-day cross-border operation to disrupt and dismantle a group of Mexican human and narcotics smugglers operating on both sides of the border.

Mexican cartels control human smuggling across the southern border
October 6, 2019

U.S. government immigration officials testify before Congress that Mexican drug cartels are in complete control of human smuggling at the U.S. southern border. U.S. immigration policy incentivizes human smuggling similar to how narcotics trafficking is incentivized.

CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan: Congress encourages child trafficking by failing to act
August 3, 2019

In testimony before a Senate committee, Customs and Border Protection Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan explained how Congressional refusal to fix immigration legislation is encouraging the trafficking of Mexican children to the United States.

Gregory Nevano describes how Mexican cartels benefit from human smuggling of migrants
July 7, 2019

Gregory Nevano, Assistant Director at ICE Homeland Security Investigations, describes the problems of human smuggling and trafficking at the southwestern border, which have intensified with the wave of migration from Central America.