Border Patrol News

The U.S. Border Patrol is the federal police agency tasked with securing the nation's borders by detecting and preventing illegal aliens and terrorists from entering the U.S., and preventing the illegal trafficking of people and narcotics.

Narco Zoo discovered in the Rio Grande Valley
April 3, 2020

A narco zoo has been discovered in the Rio Grande Valley by a joint team of federal and state agencies including the U.S. Border Patrol. The owner has not yet been disclosed. A very brief history of narco zoos in Latin America is given here.

Why children are separated from their parents at the border
March 25, 2020

A news report developing on the case of an illegal immigrant from Honduras reveals why migrant children are separated from their parents. The incident involved a child who was born in a hospital near San Diego, thereby becoming a U.S. citizen.

How to detect a "shipment" of illegal immigrants
March 22, 2020

Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector discovered 42 illegal immigrants being smuggled in an enclosed utility trailer. They had been crammed together with no room for movement and no exit. The driver and passengers were placed under arrest.

United Constitutional Patriots leader convicted for impersonating Border Patrol agent
March 6, 2020

A leader of a self-organized paramilitary group called United Constitutional Patriots that patrolled the border in New Mexico has been convicted for impersonating a Border Patrol officer, and could wind up serving jail time for his actions.

Identity fraud: Mexican repeat-offender caught on Greyhound bus ride in AZ
March 5, 2020

A Mexican national riding a Greyhound bus was caught with fake ID near the Border Patrol immigration checkpoint on Interstate 8. He had previously been deported and had already been discovered with a stolen permanent resident card.

The U.S. Border Patrol stands at the front line of national defense
December 17, 2019

A Breitbart video shows men working for Los Zetas, a large Mexican drug cartel, patrolling the streets of the Texas border town of Rio Bravo. The conclusion that the U.S. Border Patrol stands at the front line of national defense is reasonably drawn from this episode.

Border Patrol in Nogales discovers 124th cross-border tunnel since 1990
December 6, 2019

The Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol has discovered its 124th cross-border tunnel, starting from 1990. It was discovered beneath the streets of Nogales, Arizona. Judging from its construction, it was probably dug by drug traffickers.

Smuggler faces life sentence after illegal drowns in Rio Grande in Laredo
December 5, 2019

A smuggler from Guatemala faces a life sentence after an illegal immigrant drowned in the Rio Grande in Laredo, Texas. The incident came to the attention of U.S. Border Patrol when they interviewed eye-witnesses who stated that the smuggler saw the man drowning and refused to help.

Cross-border cooperation against human and narcotics smugglers near Nogales
December 4, 2019

Operating out of Nogales, Arizona, the Tucson Sector of the U.S. Border Patrol participated in a four-day cross-border operation to disrupt and dismantle a group of Mexican human and narcotics smugglers operating on both sides of the border.

San Diego Border Patrol rescues 20 from drainage pipe during unusually heavy rains
November 30, 2019

With help from San Diego Fire & Rescue, San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents rescued 20 people from a drainage pipe during unusually heavy rains. All were illegal aliens, 19 of them were from Mexico, and all 20 will be processed for entering the United States illegally.

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