State Legislation

Bills propsed in state legislatures relating to illegal immigration.

Florida bills would force public employers and their contractors to use E-Verify
January 15, 2020

Mirror proposals in the two chambers of the Florida Legislature would compel public employers, their contractors and subcontractors to use the Department of Homeland Security E-Verify system to verify employment eligibility of all new hires.

Kentucky Republicans act to prevent establishment of sanctuary cities
January 11, 2020

Republicans in the Kentucky Senate have introduced legislation that would prevent the establishment of sanctuary cities for illegal aliens and would prevent law enforcement agencies in Kentucky from enforcing any sanctuary policy.

A bill in the Virginia House would forbid inquiries regarding detained persons' citizenship status
January 7, 2020

Legislation introduced to the Virginia House of Delegates would forbid law enforcement and correctional system officers to inquire as to the citizenship status of individuals in their custody.

A NY State Senate bill to prevent voter fraud enabled by the Green Light Law
January 2, 2020

A bill recently introduced to the New York State Senate would require first-time voters to present proof of citizenship. This is made necessary by the new Green Light Law, which creates a pathway to voter fraud by illegal aliens.

Florida Senate bill would suspend licenses of employers who don't use E-Verify
January 1, 2020

Legislation to mandate use of E-Verify by private employers has been introduced in the Florida Senate. Companies who fail to use the system to verify the employability of new hires would face the loss of all state licenses to operate, as a penalty.

Florida bills would make DACA and TPS students eligible for higher eduction scholarships
December 29, 2019

Legislation proposed in both houses of the Florida Legislature would make DACA and TPS students eligible for higher eduction scholarships. Similar bills were proposed last year and died in committee in both chambers.

SB 2269 would prevent the sharing of Illinois facial recognition data with ICE
December 28, 2019

Illinois State Senator Martin A. Sandoval, a Democrat from the Southwest Side of Chicago, has proposed legislation that would prevent the Illinois Secretary of State from sharing facial recognition data and photographs with ICE.

Virginia Prepares to Grant Driver's Licenses to Illegal Aliens
December 28, 2019

Now that Democrats have majorities in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly, legislation granting illegal aliens a special class of driver's license called driver privilege cards has been re-introduced in both chambers.