The U.S. Border Patrol stands at the front line of national defense

In November, Brandon Darby (@brandondarby), Director at Breitbart’s Border and Cartel Chronicles projects, visited the Texas border town of Rio Bravo with Alex Marlow (@AlexMarlow), Network Editor-in-Chief at Breitbart News. What transpired there demonstrates that Mexican drug cartels have already staked out territorial claims north of the border, so far as the criminal underworld is concerned.

The front line against armed threats to national security in the United States is not in the Far East, or in the Middle East, or in Eastern Europe, but on the U.S. southwestern border. The troops manning the defensive line belong to the U.S. Border Patrol.

Rio Bravo, Texas
Rio Bravo is a city of about 5,000 on the Texas side of the Rio Grande, about 10 miles south of Laredo, Texas. Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas sits directly across the river from Laredo.

The reporters visited the Texas border town of Rio Bravo to observe Border Patrol operations. The population of Rio Bravo is almost exclusively Hispanic; in the video Brandon Darby asserts that almost all of them are illegal aliens. Central to the theme of this video, he notes that drug trafficking and other criminal activities in Rio Bravo are controlled by Los Zetas.

Los Zetas (“The Zs”) began to form as an organization in late 1990s, when Mexican Army commandos deserted to work as enforcers for the Cártel del Golfo (Gulf Cartel). Los Zetas split off in February 2010 to form their own drug trafficking organization, becoming rivals of the Gulf Cartel.

Los Zetas in Rio Bravo, Texas

Los Zetas operate in Nuevo Laredo, in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, directly across the border from Laredo, Texas, and traffic illegal narcotics through Rio Bravo.

In the video, the Border Patrol can be seen working the border in Rio Bravo. The streets there are normally close to deserted. On that day, a number of vehicles pass back and forth, observing the agents in their work. The vehicles also monitor the activities of the reporters on the scene. It's explained that drivers work for Los Zetas, who are concerned by the possibility that a rival drug trafficking organization is using their territory — hence all the attention.

This video demonstrates, in living color, that U.S. cities have already become a front line in the effort to prevent Mexican drug cartel influence from spreading over United States territory. The Border Patrol is directly responsible for thwarting efforts to smuggle drugs through these municipalities and their agents are front-line soldiers in the most meaningful battle for U.S. national security.

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