Aurora, Colorado: Socialists harass ICE Processing Center warden at his home

In Aurora, Colorada, there is an ICE Processing Center run by the GEO Group, an international company with headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida. On Thursday evening, about 100 protesters swarmed the home of Johnny Choate, the GEO Group facility administrator at the ICE Processing Center in Aurora.

You can hear loud music blaring from the "protesters". A neighbor is interviewed, and complains about the noise.

The organizers call themselves Abolish ICE Denver, which appears to be a front group for the Boulder chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. On the Facebook page belonging to the Boulder DSA, a post declares Last night, we confronted Johnny Choate, the warden of the Aurora ICE concentration camp, at his home in Aurora ...

The Boulder Democratic Socialists of America “About” page proclaims Boulder DSA employs many tactics, including legislative, protests, and direct community action. We don’t believe any one alone is sufficient for changing our society. The Aurora Police Department reported the arrest of at least three people for obstruction, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Police in riot gear lined the middle of the street during the event.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz was not in the least impressed with the quality of character “demonstrated” by the demonstrators.

Like the sheriff, the Aurora Police Department emphasized that the leftists had sought to incite a confrontation, and commended community members for not allowing that to happen.

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