About the Proposition 205 "sanctuary city" initiative in Tucson, AZ

On Tuesday, November 5, voters in the city of Tucson, in Pima County, Arizona, will decide whether to pass Proposition 205, which is designed to declare Tucson a sanctuary city. The drive for the initiative is organized by a group that calls itself Tucson Families Free and Together.

Tucson Families Free and Together describes itself as a grassroots, people-led effort, like all the leftist advocacy groups do, adding that their campaign is true testament to the decades of Tucson resistance. Whatever it is that they have been “resisting” for decades, it's clearly more than just Donald Trump.

Groups that have given their endorsement have names like American Friends Service Committee, Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance, Communist Party of Tucson, DSA Tucson, National Lawyers Guild, Paisanos Unidos, Pima County Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, Tierra Y Libertad and Vets for Peace.

Proposition 205: Tucson's sanctuary-city ballot initiative

Proposition 205 is designed to bind law enforcement agents and city employees in Tucson in a type of legal straitjacket, strictly forbidding inquiry regarding the right of any person in Tucson to be in the United States.

The initiative petition would add the following language to the Tucson City Code: It is the policy of the city that the city be a sanctuary and safe refuge for all persons … upholding the self evident truths that all people are created equal and endowed with the unalienable rights of life, liberty and sanctuary.

It doesn't seem to have occurred to them that a person's home is a sanctuary, which inhabitants have a right to protect and defend, or that a community is a sanctuary, which members have a right to police and maintain order.

Don't you dare touch our illegal aliens!

The following excerpts from the initiative petition show how Tucson City Code would be amended to constrain law enforcement activities:

  • An officer shall not detain a person to determine such person’s immigration status.
  • An officer shall not participate in any law enforcement activity, investigation, or enforcement action, the purpose of which is to determine a person’s immigration status.
  • An officer shall release a detainee immediately upon completing all tasks related to the original traffic or criminal investigation, regardless of whether the officer has determined such detainee’s immigration status.
  • An officer shall not detain a person at a checkpoint … unless such officer is called to such checkpoint to investigate a state or local crime alleged to have been committed by a specific person or persons.
  • An officer shall not inquire how a detainee or arrestee entered the United States, unless such inquiry is necessary to establish probable cause of a state or local crime.
  • An officer shall not inquire how many times a detainee or arrestee has entered or otherwise traveled to the United States.
  • Any contact initiated by an officer with a federal law enforcement agency for the purpose of determining the immigration status of a person shall be documented.
  • A city employee shall not forward to a federal law enforcement agency an emergency call made by someone other than an officer or federal officer, the sole purpose of which is to alert law enforcement to the existence or whereabouts of a person, other than a detainee or arrestee, who is suspected of being an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States.

As if it would be horribly impolite for an usher in a baseball stadium to ask a fan to show their ticket. As if illegal aliens are surrounded by a special, holy aura, giving them an exalted, sacrosanct status, making it somehow “sacrilegious” to ask where they came from and what they are doing in whatever place they were found. As if the concepts of freedom of speech and national territory don't exist.

This effort to bind the hands of U.S. citizens and force them to sit and observe passively while their communities are inundated, to shut the mouths of law enforcement agents and forbid them from making the simplest of inquiries, raises the following question: Who are the real fascists?

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