New Jersey's get-rich-quick scheme: Driver's licenses for illegal aliens

Half a year ago, a group with the authoritative-sounding name New Jersey Policy Perspective published an article called Fast Facts: Driver’s License Expansion Would Pay for Itself and More.

According to this organization, New Jersey is home to approximately 484,000 illegal aliens, representing 5.4 percent of the state’s total population. Using that figure, they estimate that granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens in New Jersey would generate $21 million in revenue from permit, title, and driver’s license fees over the first three years, and that once fully implemented, $90 million would be generated annually from registration fees, the NJ gas tax, and the sales tax on purchases at gas stations, motor vehicle dealers and auto parts retailers.

As if none of these people or their families would receive payments from government welfare programs, use hospital emergency rooms for medical care, or commit any type of crime — ever. In order to get rich quick, you only need to open up your borders and let the migrants come streaming in, give them all driver's licenses, and then sit back, put your feet up on the desk and watch the piles of cash grow higher and higher.

Not only that, but you get to bask in the glow of being a forward thinking, open-minded, progressive individual.

In the works: Driver's licenses for illegal aliens in New Jersey

A bill that would extend state driver's licenses to illegal aliens — which as been stalled for months — is scheduled for a vote by New Jersey state lawmakers next month. The Assembly Judiciary Committee is set to hold a hearing on the bill on December 9, the Senate Transportation Committee plans to hold a hearing on December 12, and a full-Senate vote is scheduled for December 16.

Governor Phil Murphy, a Democrat, has already declared that he would sign the bill into law if it reaches his desk, calling it a “no-brainer”.

Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, one of the bill's sponsors, states: This bill is not just about affording dignity to New Jersey’s immigrant families, even though it does that, and it’s not just because states much redder than ours have already done this … Fundamentally this bill is about public safety.

To paraphrase: Don't just let people openly break the law; give them dignity also. Allow a helpless feeling to come over yourself and passively acquiesce, because ‘everyone else’ is doing the same thing. Anyway, at least they won't be quite as dangerous as they are now, because we will give them road tests at the DMV.

Shock, Horror and Remorse

The report linked-to immediately above is from, a part of the USA Today network. The article contains the following text:

Immigrant advocates say that each time undocumented people in New Jersey drive without a state driver's license, they risk the possibility of being ticketed, detained and even transferred to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which can deport them and separate them from their families.

Evidently readers are expected to be filled with feelings of shock, horror and remorse.

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