The editorial staff at the Washington Post needs to find work as nurses

This Thursday, the Washington Post published an article under the title Pregnant immigration detainees spiked 52 percent under Trump administration. The data came from a report released this week by the U.S. Government Accountability Office; a legislative branch agency responsible for auditing federal government operations.

This piece was the latest in a stream “progressive” media reports villainizing those responsible for the existence and management of detention facilities for illegal aliens. Given that coverage of this topic is intensive and exclusively negative, ignoring the critical role these facilities have in maintaining homeland security, it must be inferred that the attention is motivated by a desire to eliminate these facilities and achieve de-facto amnesty for the millions of aliens who entered the United States illegally.

The Government Accountability Office report

As relayed by the Washington Post, the GAO report revealed that U.S. officials jailed approximately 2,100 pregnant women for immigration violations in 2018. The number of such detentions has increased by 52 percent since President Donald Trump took office.

The Obama administration had ordered the release of most expectant mothers due to health concerns; after Trump took office that order was terminated. Immigration advocates had pushed the Obama administration to sharply curtail the practice ahead of the 2016 elections, citing insufficient health care and nutrition in immigrant detention centers and the increased risk of miscarriage.

The Washington Post adds that the Trump administration has also tried to restrict underage migrants’ access to abortion services, and quotes lawyers for pregnant women who proclaimed the unfairness of forcing women to remain in jail while fighting nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. They quote a complaint filed with the Department of Homeland Security’s Inspector General in 2017, accusing the DHS of providing inadequate medical care and citing reports of women who suffered infections, stress and even miscarriages in detention.

Heeding these complaints would obviously lead to the creation of a tremendous incentive for pregnant migrant women to come the United States, receive the best health care that government tax revenues can buy and give birth to children who would automatically be considered U.S. citizens.

Remember Pearl Harbor

Today, December 7, is the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor.

If Japan wanted to conquer Hawaii today, they would only need to send boats filled with soldiers dressed in civilian clothing, claiming to be refugees. A number of children would be onboard, to stir the maternal compassions of “progressive” reporters. For good measure, they could make sure that there was a certain percentage of female soldiers among the passengers, claiming they had special needs that demanded immediate medical attention.

Then, when Hawaiian society had been sufficiently infiltrated … Banzai!!

The editorial staff at the Washington Post needs to find work as nurses

The point is that compassion for others cannot be allowed to override the primary need to secure one's own home, family, belongings and community. If you allow yourself to be overrun then there will be nothing left to give! The editorial staff at the Washington Post, with their compassions for women and children overflowing, endanger the security of the United States by propagandizing against the Department of Homeland Security, to which Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) belong, and which is responsible for immigration detention facilities.

If the main interest of these editors and reporters is the welfare of women and children, they could expend every last bit of their energy and time helping these people by, for example, applying for work as nurses at hospitals. Instead of spending their lives in productive ways, they act to sabotage homeland security by inflaming public opinion against one of the main deterrents to illegal immigration, i.e. the network of ICE detention facilities

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