Identity fraud: Mexican repeat-offender caught on Greyhound bus ride in AZ

On February 21, Greyhound announced that it would stop allowing U.S. Border Patrol agents to board its buses to conduct routine immigration checks, unless they had a judicial warrant.

As if to respond “No problem!”, the Border Patrol has announced the arrest of a 32-year-old male from Michoacán, Mexico, who claimed to be a U.S. citizen. The arrest took place at the I-8 immigration checkpoint in southwest Arizona.

The illegal alien was traveling via a Greyhound bus and was in possession of a birth certificate and a California state identification card, both of which were not his.

I-8 Border Patrol checkpoint on map
The map shows the location of the Border Patrol interior checkpoint on the eastbound side of Interstate 8. The checkpoint is about 15 miles east of Yuma and 12 miles west of the Border Patrol station at Wellton.

At around midday on March 2, agents manning the checkpoint directed a Greyhound bus to the secondary inspection area. Agents boarded the Greyhound and encountered a male subject who claimed to be a U.S. citizen and presented a birth certificate, along with a California state identification card.

There was just one small problem: The subject did not resemble the person pictured on the state identification card. Agents removed the subject from the bus for questioning, while the bus was allowed to continue on. The subject couldn't speak English and was taken in for biometric analysis, in order to identify him properly.

The subject was determined to be a different individual than the one pictured on the documents in his possession. He then admitted to being present in the United States illegally. During processing, the subject admitted to purchasing the two fraudulent documents for the equivalent of $100, while still in Mexico.

Records checks revealed that he had previously been deported one time, and that in October of 2019 he was discovered in the possession of a stolen permanent resident card. The illegal alien is being charged with identity theft.

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