National Geographic “Border Wars”

Border Wars was a National Geographic Channel documentary series that aired from January 2010 through January 2013. Crews embedded with U.S. Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as they investigated and apprehended illegal immigrants, drug traffickers, and human smugglers along the vast U.S. southwest border.

Through five seasons, Border Wars documentaries pulled back the curtain and let viewers see exactly what it’s like, mission by mission, day by day, shift by shift, and car by car, working to secure the U.S.-Mexico border.

Immigration policy was never discussed. National Geographic was there with the immigration law enforcers to show how difficult their job really is. There is plenty of action and lots of chases, while events are always presented from the law enforcement point of view.

1. Last Defense (1/10/2010)

Two Border Patrol agents intercept a pickup truck packed with people who illegally crossed the border. The situation heats up when they find two young girls with a distrustful father.

2. City Under Siege (1/11/2010)

A special covert group shuts down a stash house in Nogales for suspected illegal immigrants. The agents face the challenge of identifying the human smugglers, or "coyotes," and getting them off the streets.

3. Dead Of Night (1/18/2010)

Officers and agents in Nogales, Arizona risk it all to pursue and arrest hundreds of illegal immigrants, confront cartel foot soldiers in the dead of night, and stop would-be imposters from entering the country.

4. The Front Lines (1/25/2010)

A pickup truck is stopped at the Nogales port of entry. A canine sniff for narcotics reveals a cleverly hidden trove of heroin which breaks an all-time record for drug busts at Nogales.

5. No End In Sight (2/210/2010)

In San Diego, three widely-spaced fences separate the U.S. from Mexico. The space between the fences is a no-man’s land that few see. The Border Patrol allowed National Geographic to get inside, with agents who patrol it.

1. Death On The Rio Grande (8/29/2010)

National Geographic gains unprecedented access to the growing arsenal of high tech cameras, ground radar, and skilled trackers deployed to face the challenge of controlling the desert.

2. Checkpoint Texas (9/1/2010)

An Aviation Enforcement Pilot and his Black Hawk team navigating the rugged mountain terrain of the Sonoran Desert struggle to apprehend suspected illegal border crossers and drug smugglers.

3. Contraband Highway (9/8/2010)

A pickup truck is stopped at the Nogales port of entry. A canine sniff for narcotics reveals a cleverly hidden trove of heroin which breaks an all-time record for drug busts at Nogales.

4. Lost In The River (9/15/2010)

Two Border Patrol agents intercept a pickup truck packed with people who illegally crossed the border. The situation heats up when they find two young girls with a distrustful father.

5. Dirty Money (9/29/2010)

An officer responsible for intercepting drug money being smuggled into Mexico uncovers a stash of suspected contraband profits. CBP seeks out corruption within its ranks, which can be vulnerable to bribes and double agents. Two newly graduated agents are put to the test in pursuit of illegal immigrants in the desert. After failing on their first assignment, they're given a second chance when a group of border crossers heads deep into nearby mountains.

6. Fog Of War (10/6/2010)

Agents in San Diego discover thirty people concealed in a tractor-trailer, and race to prevent them from illegally crossing the border under cover of a blinding fog. They unearth hundreds of pounds of marijuana concealed behind the cab of a tractor-trailer.

7. Hidden Narcotics (10/13/2010)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers and agents work 24/7 to patrol the border between San Diego and Tijuana.

8. Manhunt (10/20/2010)

Officers and agents at the U.S.-Mexico border work to prevent terrorist infiltration while remaining vigilant against illegal immigration and contraband smuggling.

9. Midnight Drug Run (11/3/2010)

National Geographic goes behind the scenes as Department of Homeland Security agents and officers apprehend airline passengers with counterfeit identification, intercept a boat bound for Florida carrying a load of narcotics, and raid an area in Puerto Rico hoping to dismantle drug trafficking operations.

10. 3,000 Pound Coke Bust (11/10/2010)

Watch as one of the Caribbean's largest drug busts of the year takes place when more than 1.5 tons of cocaine are found aboard a Panamanian fishing boat headed for the U.S.

11. Gang Task Force (12/1/2010)

Agents raid a marijuana grow house, turn a Miami gang member into an informant, and intercept a boat carrying more than 500 pounds of cocaine.

12. High-Speed Chase (12/8/2010)

Border agents pursue suspected illegal immigrants in brutal conditions.

13. Cartel Crackdown (12/15/2010)

Agents detect a group of suspected illegal immigrants making their way through private ranchland on an unusual trail — one that's headed in the wrong direction.

14. Storm Surge (12/22/2010)

in the aftermath of Hurricane Alex, border agents barter with a human smuggler who won't give up illegal immigrants stranded in turbulent waters.

15. Weed Warehouse (1/5/2011)

After a high-speed chase, border agents uncover a huge load of marijuana in a flipped vehicle that had been stolen.

16. Super Sunday (1/31/2011)

A week before Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, agents execute rigorous drills on land, water and in the air to prevent a security breach at America's largest sporting event.

1. Seize And Destroy (9/4/2011)

Find out what happens with contraband after it's seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

2. Cocaine Sting (9/4/2011)

The investigation of a couple who are suspected to be human drug smugglers could lead back to a high-level supplier.

3. Marijuana Airdrop (9/11/2011)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents in Arizona dismantle a smuggler checkpoint in a remote desert section of Pima County, and seize a vehicle carrying weapons and nearly $800,000 in cash to Mexico.

4. Smuggler's Tunnel (9/11/2011)

Officers patrol obscure spots along the U.S. southwestern border to prevent smuggling.

5. Drug-Smuggling Grandma (9/25/2011)

Officers at a CBP port of entry stop an unlikely but increasingly common type of drug smuggler — an elderly woman.

6. Murder Capital (10/2/2011)

Border Wars journeys across the Rio Grande for a unique view into one of the world's most dangerous cities — Ciudad Juarez.

7. Cartel Corridor (10/16/2011)

Along the southern border in Arizona, agents travel into the heart of cartel territory to persuade migrants from crossing.

8. Contraband Cargo (10/23/2011)

Border Patrol agents fight a constant battle to prevent the drug wars in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez from spilling over into neighboring El Paso, Texas — one of the safest cities in America.

9. Going Underground (10/30/2011)

Department of Homeland Security agents and officers work around the clock to secure the international border between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

10. River Under Siege (11/6/2011)

CBP agents face the challenge of defending a border that traces the narrow, meandering course of the Rio Grande River.

11. Toxic Drug Tanker (11/13/2011)

The Rio Grande Valley is a vast and sparsely populated region at the southernmost tip of Texas. As Mexican drug cartels expand their reach north of the border, the Department of Homeland Security must put every available resource to good use, to apprehend drug traffickers, human smugglers and illegal immigrants.

12. Million Dollar Stash (11/20/2011)

In this episode of Border Wars, National Geographic travels to the Rio Grande Valley, along a sixty-mile stretch from McAllen to Brownsville. There, human smugglers, drug traffickers and illegal immigrants risk their lives to cross the Rio Grande floodwaters and make an illegal entry into the United States.

13. River Standoff (11/27/2011)

The Texas Rio Grande Valley is a main battlefront in the war against illegal immigration and trafficking.

1. Bullets Over the Border (7/9/2012)

Agents put themselves in harm's way while searching for armed smugglers who are fleeing a shoot-out with the Mexican military.

2. Meth Mobile (7/16/2012)

Narcotcs smuggling has reached “Texas-sized” proportions in the Rio Grande Valley.

3. Contraband Corridor (7/23/2012)

Law enforcement officers battle to intercept the massive flow of illicit traffic making its way through the Rio Grande Valley.

4. Rio Grande Reefer (7/30/2012)

The U.S. Border Patrol fights back against criminals who use the Rio Grande to bring contraband across the border.

5. Hidden Tunnel (8/6/2012)

In the Arizona border towns of Douglas and Nogales, agents uncover new and cunning tactics employed by smugglers to avoid being detected, including a cross-border drug tunnel.

6. Cartel Cash Stash (8/13/2012)

Within a 24-hour period, agents detain two families, driving similar SUVs and carrying a combined total of nearly $1 million in cash and drugs, at a port of entry in Arizona.

7. Fence Jumpers (8/20/2012)

Agents work around the clock to secure the international border between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

8. Tunnel Smoke-out (8/27/2012)

In ranchland east of Nogales, Arizona, Border Patrol agents cut off a getaway car as it tries to flee the scene of a drug drop.

9. Midnight Drug Trap (9/3/2012)

Downtown, Border Patrol and ICE agents discover a major cross border drug-smuggling tunnel, and suspect the smugglers may still be inside.

10. Cocaine Paradise (9/10/2012)

Agents in Puerto Rico keep a high-value drug seizure from South America secure as they bring it back to San Juan.

11. Cocaine Dump Truck (9/17/2012)

Agents in Puerto Rico on an undercover “buy and bust” operation enter one of San Juan's most notorious housing projects to intercept a dump truck full of cocaine. They they race to find a group of illegal immigrants who landed on a secluded beach.

12. Cash in the Tank (9/24/2012)

After the Coast Guard rescues Cuban refugees from a remote island in the Mona Passage, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents race to intercept them and verify their identities.

1. Traffic (11/14/2012)

Ride along on an action-packed chase along the Rio Grande, as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection helicopter and a Border Patrol riverboat assist agents on the ground as they pursue suspected “drug mules” running through the dense brush.

2. War Games (11/21/2012)

An officier in Mission, Texas, is in a high-speed chase with a car that was reported to be carrying drugs.

3. War on the Streets (11/28/2012)

Go on patrol along the border in South Texas, which is only separated from Mexico by the Rio Grande River.

4. Special Ops (12/5/2012)

Meet specially trained agents and officers who are equipped to combat border problems prevailing in South Texas.

5. Rio Grande Rookies (12/12/2012)

A new agent plays a role in tracking down a suspected smuggler who is subsequently arrested.

6. The War Comes Home (12/19/2012)

The lure of easy money can sometimes turn ordinary citizens into criminals.

7. Animals on the Frontline (1/2/2013)

Follow border agents and their animal partners as they work tirelessly to guard the U.S. border.

8. Smuggler's Stash (1/9/2013)

Narcotics officers in Laredo raid a private residence in a school zone.

9. 24-Hour Watch (1/16/2013)

Follow law enforcement officers as they work around the clock to halt trafficking across the U.S. border.